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Beauty and the Beast set in the 20’s.

A Detective is cursed to become a beast by a Fortune teller who saw no love in his arrogant heart for others. The only way he can break the spell is to learn to love another and earn her love in return before his transformation completes. Beast takes refuge in an old inn at a grungy sea port. There he hires lackeys to bring forth to him beautiful woman to help break his spell. Beauty, a beautiful young flapper girl is brought to Beast and he truly believes she is the one but Beauty views him as nothing more than a monster as he views her as difficult and stubborn. But soon Beasts life is threatened when rumors hit the streets of him being a monster, stealing girls and eating people in their sleep. Beauty is forced to help him but the two soon become much better acquainted during their escapade. (totally ripped this off from the disney movie summary but HAHA you get the point. Be sure to check back at my Character Blog for upcoming sketches of these two.)

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the trans housing network is an important blog to me, and i suggest that everyone follow it, make a submission if they have a home that they have space in to offer people who need emergency housing

i personally have used that blog…

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May it be when darkness falls, your heart will be true. You walk a lonely road. Oh, how far you are from home.

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Goddamn sky.

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  • Person: How can you tell what song it is from the first 3 seconds of sound?
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    Every brutal choice has elegance, grace.

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    "I'm not the psychopath you're looking for" If you were looking for youdemure, I temporarily changed my url! I changed my url for the upcoming 2nd season of Hannibal. Find me at DarkWillGraham.tumblr.com